Research Confirming that Homeopathy Works

When one decides to fairly consider the studies that exist which verify that Homeopathy works, one will quickly find that these are readily available in many places.

Homeopathy began by a trained medical doctor who wasn't afraid to question things, and he encouraged this in his students.  He questioned what he was observing and learning, he studied, and he continued his entire life to learn more and improve on what he knew.  And Homeopathy continues to this day.  It rests on its foundational principles, but the research continues, because life and all aspects of it continue on today and will continue on through tomorrow.  One of the beauties of sciene is never coming to an end.

Studies have been made and kept regarding homeopathy since its inception more than two hundred years ago.  Here will be but a sampling of what can be found.


Article by American Homeopath Dana Ullman article from February, 2012:

Abstract published by the National Institute of Health (NIH) of a Swiss study verifying effectiveness, safety, and cost effectiveness of homeopathy in general practise:

Compilation of books/studies further verifying effectiveness, appropriateness, safety, and cost of homeopathy:

Abstract published by NIH of a study showing significant improvement in patients treated homeopathically for chronic conditions:

Several collected studies comparing effectiveness of homeopathy and allopathic medicine:


American Institute of Homeopathy (the oldest existing medical organization in the United States) Homeopathy Research compilation, 2017: 


British Homeopathic Association: The Evidence for Homeopathy: