Aconite.jpg How does Homeopathy work? Aconite_-_REVERSED.jpg

Homoeopathy is a centuries' old healing method that is not documentable by standard allopathic medical testing.  But careful, meticulous studies have been taking place world-wide since the inception of homoeopathy that are proving again and again how well and how safely and effectively it works.

Homeopathy is a method of healing, helping the body do what it naturally desires to do-- heal itself.  Working at the energetic, or quantum level, on the physical, emotional, and mental levels, the homoeopathic approach offers a whole, complete method of healing.  Practitioners of other whole health modalities, such as naturopaths and herbalists, often receive some training in homeopathy, which gives them some basic understanding of how it works and allows them to use it to some extent in their practises.  It literally takes years of concentrated and focused study for full homeopathic practitioners to gain a full understanding of how to work with this healing modality.  And even then, the trained homeopath will recognize that the study of homeopathy will easily last the entire rest of his or her life.

Trying to "prove" homeopathy works using allopathic methods-- or methods used by the form of medicine in common practise today-- is not going to work.  It is much the same as trying to make a stew following a recipe for a  chocolate cake.  Following each recipe for its desired intent will, indeed, work.  But differnet principles need to be adhered to for each modality.

This being said, because of the well-documented success of homeopathy in the treatment of infants and even animals as well as healing many conditions that had been termed "incurable", a rising number of even medical doctors are becoming more interested in studying this further.  

How homeopathy actually actually "works" is difficult to explain, because it is not fully understood.  But, again, considering countless case studies testifying to its ability to allow healing, will show the earnest seeker that it, indeed, works.