homeopathic-medicine-bottles-16783842_-_REVERSED.jpgHow do Homeopathic Remedies Work?

The ever-present question remains: How do the homeopathic remedies work?  The study into this continues to this day at increasingly "deeper" levels.  And the fact is, study after study being conducted shows that, the proper homeopathic remedy introduced in the proper manner works, and works well at a very deep and whole level.

Much needs to be understood fundamentally for this to make sense.  Along with this, too, is acknowledging the fact that, with literally hundreds of millions of people worldwide happily using homeopathy, there really is something to it and very much worth considering.

With literally thousands of remedies available, this brings to mind the issue of how to determine what the correct remedy to use will be.  To address this, one must consider, putting it simply, that homeopathy works on a couple of levels.  One is the acute/first aid level, the second is what is known as the chronic level.  The acute/first aid level is a level that is able to be worked with relatively quickly-- for "every day" issues, such as a sore throat or a cold or a sprain or a cut.  This is when the homeopath can quickly assess the issue and help the client with a remedy that can be relatively quick to find, and which, when properly selected, will help the situation relatively quickly.  Many people like to obtain training for homeopathic first aid/acute care so that they can use this on their own at home.  Homeopathic knowledge at this level can be very beneficial and economical.

Homeopathic care on the chronic level takes much more time and focus.  For this, the relationship between a homeopath and his or her client is invaluable.  There must be a feeling of mutual trust and openness.  The client must feel comfortable telling the homeopath everything.  The homeopath must present him- or herself to the client in an open and honest manner, asking the right questions, not leading the client in any way, but helping the client express him- or herself as openly and completely as possible.  For chronic care, the initial appointment can take up to 2 or 3 hours, as the homeopath must know not just the physical symptoms of the client, but the emotional and mental ones as well.  Invariably, too, after this first appointment, additional questions can come up, either from the homeopath or from the client, or the client will remember something that he or she felt "should" have been said at the first appointment.  After this, the homeopath can then often spend considerable time compiling what is known as the "totality of symptoms" of the patient, and study through remedies to work to ascertain what he or she feels will be best for the client.  With this, a potency and a dosage must be determined.  After which comes the follow up, which can take weeks and even months, depending on the condition and the reaction of the client to the remedy.  Subsequently, the follow-up after this first remedy is determined and given can be even more important than the initial appointment.

Determining the remedy in chronic cases is truly an art.  Learning the remedies, their particular groups, the identifying features within these groups, the parallels between certain groups, and various other principles all work together in this process.  The fact remains that, when the proper remedy is determined, gentle, and whole healing can and does happen.  Hahnemann studied this throughout his life.  And he noted many consistencies, while doing so.  One being that the body has an innate desire to be well.  Another that the substance which causes certain symptoms in a healthy person will heal similar symptoms in someone afflicted with these.  Still another is that the more a substance is diluted-- in other words, the closer one can get to the pure energy of a substance-- the more gentle, yet the more powerful the substance becomes.  Coincidentally with all of this, as well, the thought of "more is better" has no bearance in homoepathy.  Energetic healing is healing on a differnt level-- when the proper energy is introduced to the body, the "amount" is irrelevant. The body will be properly stimulated, and healing will happen.

Looking, again, at the fact that millions of people worldwide are pleased with what they are finding through homeopathy, that homeopathic means are proving successful in the treatment of even such extreme afflictions such as malaria and typhoid and even cancer and more-- accepting that it works really can stand on its own.

As for actual studies continuing today into the science behind "exactly" how homeopathy works, looking into such means as nanoparticles, water, and more here are some articles for reference: