HPWWCProphylaxis, or disease prevention, has been a medical pursuit since recorded history.  

Homoeoprophylaxis is  prophylaxis utilizing homeopathy.  It is  safe and nontoxic, and has been researched and in use for more than 200 years.  It is a proven method of educating the immune system on an energetic level and is an effective means of protection against disease. 

Nothing will ever be 100%, as far as disease prevention-- this must be understood.  However, in repeated clinical trials, homeopathic prophylaxis has been shown to be, on average, about 90% effective, which shows it to be a very real and worthy option to consider.

At the time Edward Jenner was first experimenting with cowpox to prevent smallpox, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843), a medically trained doctor from Germany and the founder of Homeopathy, found that the homeopathic remedy, Belladonna, worked prophylactically to prevent scarlet fever, and, with it, he stopped an epidemic of this disease.  This discovery was so profoundly successful that, soon, the Prussian king required homoeopathically-perpared Belladonna to be used nationally against scarlet fever.

In an essay he wrote to share his discovery of a prophylactic use of Belladonna, Hahnemann shared, "Who can deny that the perfect prevention of infection from this devastating scourge, and the discovery of a means whereby this divine aim may be surely attained, would offer infinite advantages over any mode of treatment, be it of the most incomparable kind soever?  The remedy capable of maintaining the healthy uninfectable by the miasm of scarlatina, I was so fortunate as to discover.  . ." ("Cure and Prevention of Scarlet Fever",  Samuel Hahnemann, The Lesser Writings; collected and translated by R.E. Dudgeon, MD; 10th Impression, 2010; B. Jain Publishers, New Delhi, India, pg. 377)

 Since Hahnemann's time, homoeoprophylaxis has expanded to world-wide use, with a success rate comparable to any  vaccine.  Literally, millions of people have benefitted from the use of homoeoprophylaxis.  

Cathy Lemmon is avaialble to present seminars to introduce people and families to Homeoprophylaxis and help them get going with a program for themselves.  

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Immunisation - Your Child, Your Choice

Dr Isaac Golden, PhD, is the first person to be awarded a PhD from a mainstream Australian University for homeopathic research.  Isaac is a world authority on homoeoprophylaxis (HP), having internationally, collecting data about the safety and effectiveness of HP since the mid 1980's.


This course faces one of the most difficult of all health decisions that most new parents have to face – how best to protect their child against potentially serious infectious diseases. The reason why it is a difficult decision is firstly because there is no perfect option available, and secondly because there is a considerable amount of misinformation about immunisation options both from orthodox health authorities and from some opponents of vaccination.  The free course will look at some important questions Isaac has often been asked based on his practice over the last 30 years, including:

  • What is Homoeopathic Immunisation and is it safe?
  • Is Homoeopathic Immunisation effective?
  • Is there any evidence ?

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Immunisation - Your Child, Your Choice

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Homoeopathic Immunisation For Your Child


And for the practitioner interested in learning more about homeoprophylaxis, here is a link for a free introductory course:

All You Wanted To Know About Practicing Homoeoprophylaxis

Here, also, is an advanced course, designed to accompany and add to Dr. Golden's Complete Practitioners Course to help towards a more complete understanding of homeoprophylaxis:

The Complete Practitioners' Course in Homoeoprophylaxis