February, 2015

This month's newsletter is a bit of a special announcement, in light of a couple of things going on currently in the United States-- things that are being felt, in ways, around the world.  What I am sharing with you has to do with homeopathy, but a special focus in it that I have been telling you a bit about in the last few newsletters-- homeoprophylaxis.

There has been so much in the news lately regarding a measles outbreak in the US.  I'm afraid, along with this, has been much mis-information.  Please be assured that in the United States, measles is by and large a very mild disease-- it always has been.  The measles can pose a threat primarily only where there is extreme hunger poverty, poor sanitation/hygiene, and lack of access to good, clean water.  Records confirm this.  

With this in mind, I want to share with all of you a special announcement-- a worldwide event scheduled to take place this coming October in Dallas, Texas.  It will be a conference called Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention.  Presenting at this event will be well-known and well-respected homeopaths, medical professionals, and even an attorney-- specialists coming from around the world to link arms and to promote the fact that, as far as disease prevention, there is a non-toxic and time-honored choice available that has been in use for more than 200 years.  And I am very honored to say I am co-director of this conference.  

Below is a "postcard" announcing this event, with some information about the speakers who will be there and what they will be addressing.  Please be sure to go to www.HPWorldwideChoice.com for even more information-- and to register, if you'd like to come!

And, of course, as always, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

In health!

- Cathy Lemmon, BA, CHP



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