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December, 2014

Merry Christmas to you!  This joyous celebration also coincides, in the northern hemisphere, with the official welcoming in of winter.  I’ve simply always been a cooler weather lover.  But I must admit that I often love the cooler, snowy weather when I can look out the window at the gently falling snowflakes while I’m sipping hot chocolate by a nice, warm fire.

Because we are so busy right now with the holidays, let me not add a whole lot more to what you’re possibly already feeling overwhelmed with—I want this to be a joyous time for you and your families! 

I have great plans for this newsletter for 2015.  I want to help further your understanding of homeopathy and how it promotes health and wellness, how it heals rapidly and gently when used properly—it is so much more than a mere placebo!  I’ve gotten some great ideas from those of you who have written me privately—thank you!  And I will gladly hear even more ideas from anyone else—please, just email me!  I will be doing some Intro to Homeopathy and Intro to Homeoprophylaxis videos this coming year as well.  I hope these will be educational and informative and that you will enjoy them as well!

Homeopathy is a whole healing art.  There really is nothing like it.  There is a place for nearly every form of medicine.  But continuing to promote research into yet another pill or vaccine or other type of drug for an ever increasing number of things that commonly afflict us is simply promoting dependence, not wellness.  I have long been telling my clients that if you continue taking a medicine, you are not well.  But the picture of health is quite broad.  Again, there is a place for nearly every form of medicine, and some afflictions are quite severe.  There will always be the extreme cases.  But by and large, the human body wants to be well—this is why it produces symptoms.  This is why symptoms should not be suppressed or masked, but followed.  Every person on this planet is a unique individual.  And illness and disease have always been a necessary part of becoming well and strong.  There are certain diseases and epidemics that cause similar symptoms in a great number of people.  But illness and affliction happen also on an individual basis—so, with acute and chronic care, a homeopathic portrait of each individual must be very carefully made, which involves participation and trust both from the homeopath as well as the client.

This is the what I plan to expound on for you in coming newsletters and videos.

In the meantime, please know that during these winter months, please be sure to stay warm, consume sufficient Vitamin C (citrus fruit is great!) and Vitamin D, get your rest, and enjoy a nice warm mug of hot chocolate!  You can also still contact me for flu protection.  I have a homeopathic nosode for this that is available in packets that will be enough for you and your whole family for just $10.

Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!  I will write to you all again in January!

In health!

- Cathy Lemmon, BA, CHPWinterScene-Cabin.jpg