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November, 2014

This will be a "longer" newsletter-- there is much I feel is very important to share with you at this time!


2014_11_11_-_Fall_in_Texas_-_1_-_r.jpgI hope you and everyone are enjoying fall!  The "cold" is finally starting to make its presence known and felt-- it takes a while for this to happen in the area where we live.  But it is refreshing when it happens, and that it does happen.  Change, as we know, is one of the constants in life.  So it might as well be embraced, as it is going to happen anyway!

 As my practise continues to grow, I am always looking at where people's interests are leaning, the questions they are asking, and evaluating what I can do to be a benefit to them.  Right now I am seeing a very strong interest arising-- indeed, almost as a groundswell-- in knowing of an alternative to the vaccine.  I explained a bit about this in the last newsletter.  And I will be happy to focus a good part of this newsletter, and, likely of future newsletters.  I will also be making a video or two some time in the near future to explain things even further.

 For now, let me explain to you about what homeoprophylaxis-- or homeopathic prophylaxis, or even "HP"-- is.  Briefly, its roots are almost as old as homeopathy itself.  The founder of homeopathy, the German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843) found, during a scarlet fever epidemic, that the homeopathically prepared Belladonna will actually prevent the disease-- and this effectively halted the epidemic.  Within a few years, the political leaders of Prussia learned of this and subsequently required this of many towns and villages to stop the spread of scarlet fever.  The timing of the advent of homeoprophylaxis directly parallels with when vaccines were first introduced.  What is significant to note, though, is that records verify that "HP" has been continuously used around the world since Hahnemann's time-- and every time with excellent results.

 Homeopathy is energetic medicine.  It is a very powerful, yet gentle medical approach helping the body to heal itself.  And homeoprophylaxis brings this a step further, following the idea, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  The tiny homeopathic pillules present to the body an "energetic" form of disease, to which the body responds as it would if the disease was actually there, building up its defenses in a safe and natural way.  And the result, since Hahnemann's time, has been an effectiveness rate of about 90%.  No method of disease prevention will ever guarantee 100% protection.  But these are consistent results and should be considered carefully when considering disease prevention.


People are naturally desirous of good health, and when something appears to challenge or threaten this, people tend to react quickly-- out of fear.  And fear can be a big seller.  People for ages did not fear measles or mumps-- these were just things for which people had to prepare.  The chicken pox is another relatively mild disease for which people have planned for their children to eventually get-- and get over.  The flu is another something that, for generations, people simply geared up for, especially when the cold started moving in.  (Get your rest, drink your liquids, stay warm-- and if you feel achiness and/or a fever coming on, stay home!).  What has changed with each of these?  The diseases essentially haven't.  I will present to you that, in every case, a vaccine was introduced.  I will freely give the good doctors the benefit of the doubt, that they by and large mean only the best.  But, with this in mind, it is always good to be looking at the records behind the diseases, behind the disease prevention measures, and behind mankind's innate desire to be well.  Disease pathogens are living entities and will always be a part of our environment.  To be as strong as we can be, in the end, it is best to let nature run its course.  However, if a horrible disease can be prevented before it becomes an epidemic, it is my conviction that it absolutely should.  This is why something that works in harmony with the body-- which is what exactly what homeopathy as well as homeoprophylaxis do-- is so important to know and utilize.


I would also encourage a change of mindset here.  The horrid Blak Death that plagued Europe in the Middle Ages.  It is, indeed, terrible that so many lost their lives.  But is it not remarkable that so many survived?  And how did they survive?  I will submit, as well, that this is a much more healthy means to look at and learn from history.


So I will present to you the time-tested and proven idea of homeoprophylaxis.  These are many thoughts to mull over.  In future newsletters will expound further on what I have presented here, as well as more on homeopathy itself.  I will be sharing resoures too-- there are so many!  Records show conclusively that, across the world, disease decline began with the implication of better hygiene and sanitation, better foods and dietary practises.  I will share with you resoures and places you can verify for yourself regarding all of this and more.


2014_11_11_-_Fall_in_Texas_-_2_-_r.jpgIn the meantime, with fall and soon winter coming upon us, I will present to you a bit of homeoprophylaxis you may take advantage of right now-- this is the wonderful homeopathic nosode, known as Influenzinum.  This has been shown and proven to help strengthen the body's immune system towards the common flu.  I have these available.  I've not been able to get a link, yet, on my website.  But if you would like this, I have them available in packets with enough for your family for the season and am happy to share these with you.  They are $10/packet, and will come with easy to follow instructions.  Please email me to let me know of your interest, and I will send you a PayPal invoice-- your packet of the nosode will be sent as soon as payment is secure.

Remember, of course, that no method of disease prevention will be 100%. Influenzinum, however, has a marvelous record of success.  And there is no chance of any negative effects from it.

Along with this, here are some wonderful old "stand-bys" to help us through these coming months:  First, trust in your grandmother's old approaches!  Chicken soup can be remarkable for the soul.  And remember to stay warm. Keep a hat on your head when you are outside-- remember that heat escapes primarily first through your head!  Plenty of good sunshine, the key source for VitaminD3, is key to good health.  So during the darker winter months, consider increasing your Vitamin D3 intake.  As well as a good, whole Vitamin C-- not just the ascorbic acid.  Vitamin C is best found right in our foods.  Citrus is great, especially grapefruit.

 Saying all of this, please know that I am not a medical doctor.  My training is in the healing art of homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis.  Please do not use what I share here to necessarily replace your doctors' suggestions.  I will encourage you, though, to consider what I share, and consider that this glorious world in which we all live has sustained life already for many thousands of years.  The healing art of homeopathy works right with all that is around us, encouraging the body to do what I feel it is Divinely designed to do, that is to protect and to heal itself.  Again, homeopathy is powerful yet gentle medicine and works profoundly well when it is used correctly.

As always, be well!

Cathy Lemmon, BA, CHP

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