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October, 2014

Fall is a beautiful time of year, as the world gets ready for winter.  It really is interesting to note that the cyclical change of seasons that happen within the twelve calendar months are simply part of life in general.  It is beautiful to note the many parallels that exist between the changing seasons outside and those that happen within, on perhaps smaller but not necessarily any less significant levels.  You can expound on this as you'd like. 

Homeopathy works with nature.  It is energetic medicine which only works because it assists the body to do what it naturally wants to do-- to be well.  It is a medical approach which is very misunderstood by many today.  One of the chief reasons for this is that it cannot be measured by any "scientific" means used in today's common, or allopathic medicine.  Yet files full of data and documentation verify that does work and has worked since its implementation more than 200 years ago.  Trying to "prove" the effectiveness of energetic medicine by common scientific measures today is essentially like trying to make an apple pie by following a recipe for a chocolate cake.  Directions that will work in the construction of one simply won't show the same results for another.

A fascinating area of study is what's known as quantum physics-- the fact that something can affect something without any known or verifiable means of connection.  This phenomena has been studied for years.  Modern homeopathic study is beginning to show that this may, indeed, by a way to explain how homeopathy works.  I am not a physicist and do not want to give any false impressions that I may know more about this than I do-- I don't.  I've simply studied enough to know that it intrigues me-- to know that mankind is far from knowing a whole lot.  Indeed, the more I learn, the less I realize it is that I know!


This being said, let me share with you just a bit about a homeopathic method of disease prevention-- known as homeopathic prophylaxis, or homeoprophylaxis ("HP").  This is a method of educating the immune system that has been used for more than 200 years, benefitting literally millions of people world-wide.  Today more and more people are realizing there are many things we do not know nor understand about vaccines-- that there are many questionable things about vaccines, including how they are made, what is in them, how fast they are produced (without suffiient testing), and how we have been conditioned to think that diseases should be feared and that vaccines are our only choice, as far as possible prevention. Working energetically, homeoprophylaxis works in a safe, non-toxic, and natural way to train the body to do what it naturally should do, if, indeed, it were exposed to a disease.  There is so much about the immune system that common medicine does not understand, which I will expound upon later.  I have had the opportunity to study "HP" under some fine homeopaths in the world, some of whom have been successfully using this in their pratise for nearly forty years.  It is a passion of mine and is part of my practise.  I have also taught about it in several nations myself.

Because we are entering flu season, I would encourage you, if you are considering something to help protect against contracting the flu, to consider homeoprophylaxis.  I can help you with this.  No method of disease prevention can ever guarante 100% effectiveness.  But one of the most effective methods to help strengthen the body during flu season is by using a homeopathic nosode called Influenzinum.  Please contact me privately, and I will be happy to let you know more about this.

I have some wonderful plans for future newsletters-- and I would also love to know of anything that may interest you that I can address as well!

In the meantime, please be well!  

In health!

Cathy Lemmon, BA, CHP

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