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I am very pleased that you have expressed interest in wanting to learn more about homeopathy for you and your family.

In these newsletters you will receive, I will include bits about the homeopathic view of health, the full and complete assessments of illness, the need to take cases individually, not necessarily as per symptom presented, bits of homeopathic history, and more.  I will also touch on other aspects of natural wellness-- some of which have been known for hundreds, if not thousands of years and can be a compliment to anciently-based homeopathic approaches.

With fall now officially upon us, I plan this and the next few newsletters to focus on things related to promoting and maintaining health homeopathically, especially in the cooler/cold weather.

This world on which we all live is chock full of living entities.  And, like it or not, among these are disease-causing pathogens-- including certain bacteria as well as viruses.  These are living and changing and are going to be fighting to survive.  This is why every year the prevelant flu viruses change.  This is why there are so many different colds.  This is one of the fundamental reasons why the same pathogens can affect different people in different ways, or not at all.  What also plays into this, of course, is the constitution of the individual and how well he/she is able to withstand illnesses.  Some people seem to succomb to almost anything, while others seem to succomb to almost nothing.

One of the key aspects to ascertaining, maintaining, and promoting health is recognizing and working individually with all these differences.

In the cooling off  and cold of the fall and the winter months, the body's defenses are commonly challenged.  When colds begin to hit, it is essential to recognize that there really is no "blanket" cold medicine that will promote wellness.  There can be myriad symptoms-- a sore throat, a headache, a cough, a stuffy nose, and more-- and all of these manifesting themselves differently according to the individual, both in presentation and severity.  Homeopathy is the individual approach to seek for help here.  It works gently with the body, helping the body to heal itself.

Along with this, it is becoming ever more pressed upon us that we should be worried about the flu, which has been part of the fall/winter of every year for generations-- something we have always been taught to prepare ourselves for as the coldness settles in.  Simply a part of life.  It still stands that a very effective and safe way to protect onesself against the flu is by getting sufficient sleep; drinking plenty of fluids; increasing Vitamin C (citrus fruits - WONDERFUL source!), as well as Vitamin D (best gotten from the sun, but in the months of less sun, a good supplement can work) and Selenium; washing hands; and staying away from others when we don't feel well. Homeopathy works very effectively and gently, helping the body heal itself when the flu does hit, working with the individual and the symptoms exhibited.  Homeopathic prophylaxis (this is a safe alternative to vaccination that has been in use for more than two centuries) provides a gentle method of protection against the flu that, again, works very naturally and with the body, not against it.  

In the next newsletter, which will likely come out before a month has passed, I will discuss further about the energetic healing provided through homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis.  I will also briefly discuss what you can do to begin whole protection for yourself and your family for this winter.  The next newsletter will also touch briefly on the history of homeopathy.

Thank you!  And please let me hear from you!  (I may work this into a blog-type page, so you can respond right here.)

In health!


Cathy Lemmon, BA, CHP


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